Below Personalberatung, Vermittlung und Coaching

Traditional and flexible

We have been working in human resources since 1991 and have witnessed a wide range of changes and we learn something new every day.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Created from experience and helps to master the future.

From Hamburg into the world

The world is my field. (Albert Ballin)


Sabine Below HR consultancy for specialists and executives

A personnel consultancy advises companies in their search and selection of specialists and executives. She accompanies the search, the process of assessment measures, the development perspective, compensation systems, objectives of human resources work.

Individualized personnel consulting

We meet our clients and candidates openly, honestly and in an advisory capacity. We deliver quality work with a sense of proportion, tailored to the candidate's profile. We keep to the set budget within the agreed time. To achieve our goals, we systematically use effective methods. One of the sub-goals of our work is the additional benefit that our customer receives through the cooperation.
We identify the best candidates on the market and bring them into conversation with you on an equal footing.

Smooth running plays the most important role! We always have at least 2 clients for our projects, the client and the candidate. Only when both are satisfied have we reached our goal.