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We have been in HR work since 1991 and have seen a variety of changes and we learn something new every day.

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Sabine Below Personaldienstleistungen GmbH


All employees are vaccinated 3 times (Booster)

We are currently experiencing an exceptional situation with measures that are intended to interrupt the chains of infection and reduce the spread of the coronavirus. These restrictions also hit us massively. Personal contacts within the framework of appointments in our company and with you are only possible if all necessary measures are taken into account. Contacts are usually reduced to conversations on the phone or video conferences. All of this is necessary and right. We're here to help if you are concerned about staffing to get you started again.

See you soon and stay safe !!

Sabine Below HR Consulting

We deal with our customers openly, honestly and in an advisory capacity. We deliver high quality work with a sense of proportion. We keep the set budget in the agreed time. We use systematically effective procedures to achieve our goals. One of the sub-goals of our work is the additional benefit that our customer receives through cooperation.
We identify the best candidates in the market and bring them into conversation with you on an equal footing. The most important role is played by running smoothness! We always have at least 2 customers for our projects, the client and the candidate. We have only achieved our goal when both are satisfied.